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Vince's Italian Restaurant
& Pizzeria
4747 N. Harlem Ave.
Harwood Heights, Ill.
(In the Holiday Plaza)
(708) 867-7770

Our Story

The RoccoVino’s story begins in two small southern villages of Bari, Italy where the mothers of Savino ‘Nuccio’ D’Argento and Rocco DeFrenza first created their authentic Italian dishes.

Even as small children, Savino and Rocco preferred observing the way their mothers cooked over playing with the children of the neighborhood. Their passion for food grew, and as young men, Savino and Rocco went on to work in various restaurants, and soon thereafter, began their trials and tribulations of restaurant ownership and management.

In 2001, Savino and Rocco acquired Vince’s Italian Restaurant in Harwood Heights, Illinois serving the very best in Italian cuisine with seating capabilities of 180 with a beautiful atmosphere and live entertainment. In 2003, RoccoVino’s was born in Elk Grove Village, Illinois satisfying a quick bite, delivery or carry-out. Today, full service RoccoVino’s in Carol Stream, Illinois has seating capabilities of 120. All their Chicagoland locations provide the same authentic Italian dishes they know best. Whether it’s dinner for two, carry-out or a small celebration, Savino and Rocco can make your dining experience a special one.

For Savino and Rocco, the restaurant business is about hospitality; sharing and giving and, of course, eating. They still work in the kitchen every day to ensure that the customer receives authentic food at a reasonable price.

We welcome you to Vince’s for Lunch, dinner, parties or carry-out.